Pure Komachi HD Bread Knife & Sheath

Model: AB9062

$17.50 Discontinued
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This is the most colorful cutlery we've ever created. We took beautiful, full-color, high-definition photography and heat-transferred it onto each Pure Komachi HD blade. What's more—unlike some other colorful cutlery—the Pure Komachi HD Bread Knife has been hand-finished on a leather honing wheel for a finer, sharper edge. The extremely sharp 16° single-bevel cutting angle provides top performance.

The Pure Komachi HD Bread Knife's wide serrations are angled slightly toward the front or back of the knife blade. These “push/pull” serrations are gentler on your bread loaf without sacrificing slicing power. You'll slice through easily, with less crumbing, for a beautiful slice of bread every time.

The Pure Komachi HD Bread Knife is part of the Pure Komachi HD series of knives that feature full-color, high-definition photography on razor-sharp, carbon stainless steel blades. This HD photographic coating looks spectacular and each blade has been double-coated for durability. The non-stick coating is food safe and easy to clean, too. Each knife comes with a color-matched sheath for safe and easy storage, too. These visually striking new knives will add color, fun, and brilliantly sharp cutting performance to your kitchen.

  • Slice bread without crushing and less crumbing
  • Steel: Coated carbon stainless steel
  • Wide, low-frequency serrations
  • Food-safe, high-definition, photographic blade coating
  • Handle: Molded resin
  • Blade length: 8 in. (20.3 cm)
  • Includes matching sheath

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