Frequently Asked Questions

Category 1: General Questions

Who is Kai?

Kai USA is your source for kitchen and housewares products from the Kai Group, Japan. Kai products include the Pure Komachi 2 line of kitchen knives that brings brilliant colors and sharp performance to your kitchen, the Wasabi Black line of cutlery, which offers a beautiful selection of Eastern and Western blade shapes, and the Kai Select 100 collection of handy kitchen tools. Kai products are designed for beauty, function, and ease of use. Kai USA Ltd. is part of the Kai Group, a more than 100-year-old company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Kai Group provides over 10,000 products worldwide, ranging from housewares and fine cutlery to beauty care products and medical supplies.

Category 2: Use & Care Questions

Can Pure Komachi 2 and Pure Komachi HD knives be honed and sharpened?

Yes, they can. When most people ask that it’s because they’re concerned about harming the Pure Komachi 2 and Pure Komachi HD blade coating. But since you’ll only be honing or sharpening the very edge of the knife, and the edge isn’t coated, honing and sharpening won’t affect it. Just make sure you’re sharpening the knives to their proper 16° angle each side.

Are Pure Komachi 2 and Pure Komachi HD knives ceramic?

No, they’re not. Our Pure Komachi 2 and Pure Komachi HD blades are made of stainless steel with a food-safe, FDA-approved resin coating. This non-stick coating provides the eye-catching color, resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple, and helps the knife glide through food with ease. It also makes it easier to prevent cross-contamination of foods, for instance, by using the knife you just used to cut meat on the veggies. Pick a color for a particular type of food, then stick with it.

What are the different blade shapes and what are their purposes?

Each culinary blade shape has been developed over the years to address specific needs and uses. Some, like the chef’s knife and the paring knife, are general-purpose knives that every kitchen and every cook needs. Others, like the boning knife and the meat cleaver, are for cooks who have specialized needs; in this case, working extensively with meats. The product description for each knife on this website provides information on the key uses for each particular knife.

Can I wash these knives in a dishwasher?

Yes and no. While you can wash your Kai cutlery in the dishwasher, we recommend hand-washing for longest life and less wear and tear on your knives.

What can I do to protect the coating on Pure Komachi 2 and Pure Komachi HD knives?

Do not use scouring pads, steel, or gritty cleanser when cleaning the blades; it may damage the colorful coating. Do not cut frozen food with these knives. Please store them either in the matching sheath they came in or in a block or in-drawer tray.

What are appropriate cutting surfaces?

One key to keeping a sharp and avoiding chips is to use an appropriate cutting surface. These include wood and polypropylene, which are softer materials and will “give” under the blade. If the knife can leave a cut line in the board, your cutting board is sufficiently soft. Please do not cut on tile, ceramic plates, marble, granite, or acrylic. All of these surfaces will dull and chip your blade very quickly.

What's the best way to sharpen my knives?

You have several options:

Return them to us for FREE sharpening

Kai cutlery owners may return their Kai knives to our Tualatin, Oregon facility for free sharpening. To take advantage of this service, please see our Warranty service information. Ship your knives to us using the carrier of your choice, however we strongly recommend a carrier that provides a tracking number. Without a tracking number, you will have no way of knowing that your package has arrived at our facility—and neither will we. We cannot be responsible for shipments without a tracking number.

Sharpen them yourself with a pull-through sharpener

For an electric sharpening option we recommend our Electric Sharpener. For a manual pull-through, try our Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener, both of which match the 16° angle of our cutlery. But please remember that sharpening is not something that should be done on a weekly basis. Sharpening actually removes some of the metal from the blade, so sharpening too frequently may reduce the life of your knife.

Category 3: Warranty Questions

How will I know if my knife is covered under warranty?

Please provide your phone number and/or email address on your Warranty/Service Form. If there is any problem with your coverage, we will call you to discuss your knife. Otherwise, we will repair your knife within our usual turnaround time.

I shipped my knife to you for repair. Have you received it yet?

We encourage you to ship via UPS or Fed-Ex as these companies automatically provide a tracking number. The tracking number allows you to easily verify your knife's arrival at our facility. If you prefer mailing the knife to us via the US Post Office, we suggest shipping via Express Mail® because this service also provides you with a tracking number for verification of the arrival of the package. (No other Post Office services offer step-by-step tracking.) Please note that we will not notify you of the arrival of your knife at our facility; having a tracking number from your carrier will enable you to check with your carrier to ensure your package’s arrival.

Can I have my old knife back if you choose to replace it?

We're sorry, but we cannot replace a knife and return the old one.

Where do I ship my knife for warranty service?

Please send your knives to Kai USA Ltd. You will need to complete our online Warranty/Service Form, print out a copy, and include it with your package. The information you need can be found here.

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