Inspire 8.5-in. Bread Knife & Sheath

Model: AH7062

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There’s really no substitute for a good bread knife. With that in mind, the Inspire Bread Knife was made to be a light and easy-to-use tool in the kitchen. Whether your bread is thick and crusty or delicately tender, this knife is built to slice through easily with minimal tearing and crumbling. The bread knife’s wide serrations are a key part in providing gentle cuts on your bread without sacrificing slicing power.  Even better, the serrations are angled, front and back, to ensure an effective slice on both the push and pull of your cut. If you enjoy baking or buying whole loaves of bread, this fun-to-use bread knife is a must. It also works beautifully on bagels, pastries, and even pineapples.

With its beautiful styling, top performance, and affordable price, the Kai Inspire series was made to inspire your cooking. The unique hammered finish is the first thing that will catch your eye. But once you try it, you'll come back to Inspire for its effortless cutting capabilities. The high-carbon stainless steel blade has been expertly hardened for exceptional edge retention, strength, and rigidity. Mirror polish on the upper part of the blade and a graze finish on the lower part add beauty as well as enhancing stain and corrosion resistance. The edge is hand sharpened and finished to a razor-sharp 16° cutting edge each side. Inspire's quality steel is easily the equal of much higher-priced competitors. For a comfortable and secure grip, Inspire's handles are contoured to fit both larger and smaller hands. A matching storage sheath is included with each piece of Inspire kitchen cutlery.

  • Steel: High-carbon, high-chromium German DIN1.4116 stainless steel
  • Hand finished blade with wide, push-pull serrations
  • Handle: Molded resin
  • Blade length: 8.5 in. (21.5 cm)
  • Includes matching sheath

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