Take the Next Step with Kai PRO

As you advance in your kitchen journey, you’ll eventually run into a bit of a head-scratcher. What do you do when you outgrow entry-level cutlery? Kai tackled this problem head-on, bringing you a series that’s both affordable and high-performance. Kai PRO is a perfect option for aspiring chefs at home and in commercial kitchens. If you’re passionate about food prep, these knives will serve as your companion every step of the way.

A Tradition of Quality

Kai PRO is from Kai, makers of Shun fine cutlery, which is expertly handcrafted in Japan. Kai has been producing knives and other sharp tools for over 110 years. In Japan, Kai is one of the country’s leading manufacturers.

A Blade Made to Last

If you want pro results in the kitchen, you’ll need a sharp, durable blade. Each Kai PRO knife includes Japanese AUS6M blade steel, which extends to the end of the handle for a balanced, full-tang construction. The series performs differently than western-style knives, which are usually sharpened at a 20-25° angle. Kai PRO takes a finer, 16° edge for smoother, sharper action. 

A Beautiful and Functional Finish

You probably already noticed Kai PRO’s beautiful hammered finish. This Japanese-style finish serves a function as well. Hollow cavities form tiny pockets of air, helping release food from the steel. In addition, the finish reduces blade drag.

Handle with Confidence

Kai PRO’s POM handles add strength and comfort during food prep. As you cut, your hand will fit perfectly around the durable, riveted handle. This pro-level grip offers a lifetime of performance for home cooks. And for the professional chef, Kai PRO is ready for the hectic tasks of a commercial kitchen.

Certified for Food Safety 

Kai PRO has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). This prominent organization only approves products if they meet strict food safety standards. With this added level of protection, Kai PRO helps chefs and home cooks keep customers and families healthy and happy.

Top of its Class

Kai goes the extra mile for quality assurance. The knives are made of high-performance Japanese steel and are precision manufactured in China. Kai PRO also undergoes rigorous inspection in Tualatin, Oregon. In addition, independent labs check samples for hardness, sharpness, microstructure, and other factors to ensure quality.

The Kai PRO series includes an impressive ten blade styles.

8-in. Chef’s Knife

Home and commercial kitchen will make frequent use of a Kai PRO chef’s knife. Its length is great for most general food prep. Make rocking cuts with the knife’s curved belly. 

6-in. Utility Knife

Trimming food is easy with the utility knife. It’s small enough for precision cutting, but it’s also large enough for substantial peeling jobs.

3.5-in. Paring Knife

When it’s time for peeling, coring, and other detail work, a paring knife is a must-have. This wider design provides enough room for cutting board work, too. 

7-in. Santoku

If you want an Asian-style alternative to a chef’s knife, many enjoy the santoku. The blade length is shortened compared to a standard chef’s knife, making it light and easy to maneuver.

10-in. Chef’s Knife

Some need an extra-long chef’s knife in their kitchen. The added length makes it easier to prepare larger foods.

6-in. Chef’s Knife

This chef’s knife features the same all-around functionality as its siblings. But with the knife’s shortened length, it feels remarkably lightweight in-hand.

12-in. Slicing/Brisket Knife

The daunting task of cutting larger pieces of meat just got easier. This long and narrow brisket knife cuts perfect slices in a single pass.

5-in. Asian Multi-Prep Knife

This knife is great for boning poultry or trimming meats. The narrow tip easily maneuvers around bones and between joints in the meat. Use the wider end for slicing shallots or trimming green beans.

7-in. Asian Utility Knife

The Asian Utility Knife can complete many tasks. You can process vegetables for stir fry and create thin slices of meat.

6.5-in. Boning/Fillet Knife

To separate meat from bone, take advantage of this knife’s narrow, curved blade. It will easily glide through poultry and fish.

With so many features, Kai PRO offers an incredible value. Its top-quality materials will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is at home or in a restaurant, this series is the right fit for a variety of chefs. Kai PRO is backed by Kai’s history of quality and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. These added steps put Kai PRO above the competition.

Is it time to upgrade your cutlery? Go to the next level with Kai PRO.

You can purchase any Kai PRO knife right here and at the retailers listed below:

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Escambia Electric Motor Sales — Pensacola, FL 

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Jungle Jims  Cincinatti, OH

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