Kai Celebrates Over 110 Years of Quality

Few have reached this landmark achievement.

The storied history of Kai has led to innovative products, unmatched customer service, and a globally recognized name. Achievements like this didn’t happen overnight. This year, the Kai Group is celebrating over 110 years of history.

Kai craftsmen have created sharp products since the company’s inception in Japan. The company already mastered its craft by the time it expanded to the United States in the 1970s. Although Kai USA’s history is relatively short in comparison, it’s backed by years of Japanese tradition and experience.

Kai Housewares is no exception. It offers quality and durability at an affordable price. There’s something for everyone.

Kai PRO is the latest series under the Kai banner. It’s a great choice for many groups: professional chefs, home cooks, culinary students, and others. Why? Quality. High performance, AUS6M Japanese steel and comfortable POM handles make for an exceptional knife.

Luna and Inspire knives boast reliable steel of their own. You’ll also enjoy their hammered finishes and high-performance cutting edges. Luna or Inspire — which pattern do you prefer?

If you want to add some extra flavor to the kitchen, try a Pure Komachi knife. These colorful knives are easy to tell part, which helps prevent cross contamination. You can feel confident in the hand-sharped edges, which will make clean, easy work of the food in front of you.

Finally, the Wasabi series embraces Kai’s Japanese roots. Each Wasabi is carefully made in Japan with Japanese steel. Fans of traditional knives will enjoy a mix of traditional single-bevel blades and Western-style, double-bevel offerings. Plus, each knife features a Japanese-style handle.

In addition to the quality of Kai products, customers benefit from free sharpening and a Limited Warranty. If you need a touch up on your knife, you can send it in for expert service from Kai’s seasoned warranty team.

This wide variety of kitchen offerings has played a key role in Kai’s 110-year history of success. But the story is unfinished. The company always has a vision for the future, and time will tell what new innovations are to come.

For today, please join us as we celebrate Kai’s anniversary.

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