Jim Simmons

"Very functional and very high quality!"

Ashley Sanftleben

"I had gone to my first warehouse sale this year in Tualitin and had the pleasure of purchasing my own Pure Komachi knives. I purchased 3, the blue fish knife, the purple long multi knife and the blue chopper knife for only $5 each. I absolutely love these knives. They are sharp and have wonderful coloring to them. I also love the fact that they are light weight yet balanced and they have the sheathes to protect from unwanted cuts and dings in the blades. The only problem I have is the fact that I only bought 3 knives... I wish I would have bought them all. Maybe next year."

James Anthony

"As a chef I use a lot of knives and these have been my favorite."

India Davidson

"As a chef I use a lot of knives and these have been my favorite."

Robert Malcolm

"Love these knives awesome and stay sharp great product"

Nicolas Venot

"I've had my 8" KAI Wasabi Chef's Knife for over two years now, and in those two years it's been used almost daily basis to prepare meals. The quality of the materials is superbe, and the construction would be something I'd expect in a knife twice the price. The blade steel has especially proven to hold up well to all the rigors of normal kitchen ware and tare, only requiring a touch up sharpening every couple of weeks. All this for about $40! I can without hesitation recommend this or any other kitchen knife from the Wasabi line to anyone looking for a very high quality knives that will not only preform splendidly without breaking the bank, but last years to come!"

James Haley

"I like the way the blades look on the Komachi2"

Darren Tong

"My Set Includes the Bread Knife (orange), 8in Chef's (red), 6.5in Santoku (purple), 6in Multi-Utility (blue), 3.5in Paring (green design), and 4in Citrus knife (yellow design). I have been using these awhile and they have been great. Hair popping sharp out of the box and easy to sharpen. These are quality lightweight knives and are affordable. The included color matched sheathes are a nice touch (just like the individual packaged versions). The bright colors look great in the kitchen. I especially like that this set has alternate colors to the individually sold ones. It gives people a choice for their preferred colors. Also, the paring and citrus came in exclusive designs for this set. a very nice touch. Great knives, definitely worth checking out."

"Love it...family member ordered me a Pure Komachi HD Paring Knife r my early b-day present..love the color weight. And very sharp. "

Steffi Scholer

"I love these knives. The blades have retained their sharpness and cut through anything. The grips are comfortable in my hand as well. Will use these knives for years to come."

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