Pure Komachi Nagiri Sushi Mold

Model: FG5053ENG

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The secret to those perfect little pillows of sushi rice that support your favorite nagiri sushi is an easy-to-use sushi mold. The Pure Komachi Nagiri Sushi Mold makes sushi simple and fun to make at home. Just cook and cool your sushi sticky rice, fill the mold, and press the mold together. Turn it upside down on a flat surface to pop out the rice beds. Top with your favorite fresh ingredients and you've created a plateful of beautiful nagiri sushi. The Pure Komachi Nagiri Sushi Mold makes 10 pieces at a time.

  • Make sushi at home quickly and easily
  • Easy-clean plastic
  • Just fill and compress mold, then turn over to create 10 perfect bases to top with your fresh ingredients
  • This mold makes the rectangular rice pads for nagiri sushi

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